Frequently asked Questions:

Q.  Who maintains the flags?  Poles?  Grounds?
 A.  The Boulevard of 500 Flags Committee along with volunteers maintains the flags and the poles.
       The City of Eastlake maintains the grounds.

Q. Are there really 500 flags at the Boulevard of 500  Flags?

A. The answer is no. Actually there are 506 Flag poles which honor 804 veterans. 

Q.  What is the proper disposal of a flag?
A.  Ripped or torn flags can be brought to any local Fire Department for proper disposal.
      Should a Veteran choose to be cremated, we provide an American Flag for this as well.
      Also, once or twice a year we hold a dignified burning ceremony of the flags.

Q.  Are you owned and funded by the City of Eastlake?
A.  No we are not.  100% funded by donations and volunteers

Q.  Where do the funds come from to keep the Boulevard of Flags going?
A.  Every spring we hold an annual fundraiser and from generous donations.   

Q.  Are there Volunteer opportunities?
A.  Yes.  Please see our Volunteer page or Calendar of Events page for information.

Q.  Who are the Board Members and how long do they serve on the board?
A.  Please see Board Member page. 
      Board Members serve as long as they choose or for life.

Q.  How much money was raised during the 2019 fundraiser?

Q.  What will that money be used for?
A.  All funds/donations made are used for the purchasing of flags; lighting upgrades (including light  
     bulb replacement); any pole upgrades needed. Replacement of Mulch between the flag pole bases          to  #4 washed stone in the front of City Hall and next to the east side parking lot.

Q.  How much does the Boulevard of 500 Flags pay for the flags?
A.  EZ Pole, one of our sponsors, graciously sells us flags at their cost.

Q.  What kind of lighting is used on the Boulevard?
A.  We use LED lights.

Q.  How does one get a plaque on the Boulevard?
A.  Complete the plaque request form; (see PDF file below)
      Submit proper certification:
           -Form 214 – Honorably Discharge papers for Veteran
             (Must be Honorably Discharged.  Unfortunately, current active Military personnel do not qualify)
            If you do not have the Form 214 – please see the National Personal Records website for further