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How the Boulevard of Flags came about

The idea for the Boulevard of Flags came into being after Memorial Day in 1995.  We wanted a way to honor the veterans in the Eastlake area year-round, not just on Veterans Day, Memorial Day or July 4th.  They served our country and we wanted to show how much we appreciate their sacrifice and dedication to our Country. Originally the goal was to have approximately 200 to 300 flags displayed. Through the generosity of donations from Veterans groups and local businesses we initially raised over $25,000 allowing for the purchase of over 500 flags.  We honor 26 Servicemen who were either killed in the line of duty or missing in action from World Wars I to Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Eighteen flags flying at half-staff honor these 26 Servicemen still today.  

Olympic Torch, Eternal Flame

June 10, 1996 the Olympic Torch made its way through the United States in route from Greece to Atlanta Georgia for the 1996 Olympics, passing through the City of Eastlake to light the Eternal Flame.  The Eternal Flame was donated by the East Ohio Gas Company and burns as a commemoration of the Olympic Torch passing through the City of Eastlake.  This memorable event attracted about 5,000 people to the area. 
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